Our Story

Resilience is a fitness apparel & accessories brand and online retailer, based in the United States. Created in early 2020 by college grad student Qorie Butler, Resilience is a multicultural brand and our apparel is designed to fit all body types. Our company’s culture is built on 3 values; God, Family, and Vision.

 After the loss of her job, Qorie acknowledged this was going to be a pivotal moment in her life. Throughout her Healthcare and Sales career, Qorie realized how broken she felt working in an environment that was not driven to help people, but driven to drive numbers and quotas. Her passion for people, health and fashion is what created the vision behind the brand. As Qorie began to find her voice and true happiness, she adopted the concept to live fearlessly and remain Resilient. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; one’s ability to be tough.

 Our vision at RFA is to always innovate new fashions with our brand’s culture of being grounded and confident within one’s self. We promote healthy living and healthy body image for all. Our products can be worn to the gym, the mall, or on a casual date. Thank you for shopping with us, we’re glad you're choosing a Resilient lifestyle